Who We Are:
Origin prides ourselves in working with European Jewelry Designers that produce very wearable contemporary art with a clean esthetic at very reasonable prices ~ which range between $8-35.00 Wholesale.  
Origin began in 1996 when I started on a journey across the world in search of new, fresh jewelry designs to introduce to the American market.
Having always had a love and respect for other cultures,I returned after each trip filled with great visions of sharing my discoveries, and  named the company "Origin" as a representation of all the places and cultures jewelry design has its roots - from where it originates.
Nowadays, I find myself in the Philippines.  The 7,107 tropical islands of the Philippine Archipelago provide inspiration for the creative Local and European craftspeople who fashion beautiful jewelry out of nature’s bounty. All of our designers are inspired by this magical paradise, and create jewelry inspired by the natural materials found there.  
It is very important to us at Origin Jewelry that all of our collections are made by ethical designers with ethical practices where the employees are paid a fair living wage with benefits.  We pride ourselves on having personal relationships with the people we work closely with to ensure the highest possible standards.
All Origin Jewelry is Hypoallergenic and Nickel and Lead Free
How We Give Back: 
We have always been socially conscious with great care and attention to our community. 
Our vision of helping to create a better world has led us to donate on an ongoing basis to many local charities : 
Origin ( Debra ) is a supporting member of  " Dining For Women" a nonprofit who's mission is to bring funding and outreach for education and skills and job training to girls and women around the world.  "Dining For Women"...changing the world one dinner at a time.  
We also donate to a group home in Manila, Philippines that helps to take girls off the street and safe from Human Trafficking.  To learn more, please go to:  http://www.globalgiving.org/donate/13043/tahanan-sta-luisa-inc/
Debra is also on the Board of Trustees for the non profit: 418 Project ~ A dance center, a place of free expression through movement: Move and Be Moved! 
Western Service Workers, an organization that helps support farmworkers and the service industry sector of the working poor. We give them boxes of past seasons jewelry each holiday season so that the workers have gifts to give to their loved ones.  
Natural Bridges State Park: Monarch Butterflies: Donations made to help save this magnificant species from Extinction.